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Internet Privacy Policy

PeopleFirstBank’s Privacy Commitment

At PeopleFirstBank we are committed to the protection of the information you provide to us. This includes information that we receive from you online as you communicate with us when you visit our Website or conduct transactions through our internet banking system, as well as in person or through other systems we offer. It is important to us that you know how we collect information about you and how we may use that information. At PeopleFirstBank, we respect your privacy and the confidentiality of the personal information we receive about you. Our Privacy Policy is also designed to inform you that you may request us not to share certain information and how you may change any incorrect information that may be in our records. Our Privacy Policy applies to both existing and former customers.

PeopleFirstBank is committed to maintaining the accuracy of information collected

PeopleFirstBank is committed to maintaining the accuracy of customer information. If you are aware of any inaccurate information in our records, you should contact us at the number provided on your statement and we will thoroughly investigate, making any necessary corrections as promptly as possible. You are entitled to request a copy of your credit report from credit reporting agencies and to have credit reporting agencies investigate and correct any inaccuracies contained in the their reports.

Keeping you up to date

PeopleFirstBank will provide you with a privacy notice each year as long as you have a relationship with us. If we make material changes to our notice, we’ll let you know. We’ll also post our updated privacy notice on our Website. If you open another account with PeopleFirstBank or any of its affiliates, you may receive another copy of this privacy notice.

How PeopleFirstBank protects the confidentiality of information collected

PeopleFirstBank restricts access to nonpublic personal information about you to those employees who must know your information to provide services and products to you. Under no circumstances are the institution’s employees permitted to discuss, or otherwise reveal, your information with unauthorized persons. The institution’s employees will treat all information collected about you confidential. PeopleFirstBank employees are bound by the institution's code of conduct and the Privacy Policy, which requires them to adhere to its principles. PeopleFirstBank maintains physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your nonpublic personal information.

PeopleFirstBank Website privacy

PeopleFirstBank promotes its products and services and serves its customers through its website. We understand that those who visit our website may have concerns about the privacy of their nonpublic information on the internet. PeopleFirstBank’s Privacy Policy applies to all website activity, including communication and transactions between us on the internet. We understand privacy concerns and want you to know the steps that have been taken to provide for the safety and security of your information when using our website.

Maintaining security of customer information provided through the internet

PeopleFirstBank has made a commitment to assure the security of information exchanges through its online systems. We maintain electronic and procedural safeguards in compliance with federal standards and provide secure internet use by encrypting the information you submit. A complete copy of our Online Banking Agreement is available online and can also be obtained by calling PeopleFirstBank at (815) 207-6200.

Nonpublic personal information we collect

Nonpublic personal information is the information that is not available publicly and that we obtain in connection with providing a financial product or service to you. That includes, for example, information about your account balances, payment history, or overdrafts. PeopleFirstBank limits the collection of information to that which we believe is necessary to conduct our business appropriately and to provide you with the products and level of service that we believe you want.

PeopleFirstBank may collect “nonpublic personal information” about you from the following sources:

  • Information received from applications, or other forms. Types of information include: Social Security number, income information, employment, assets, and personal debt information.
  • Income, marital status, age and other information from applications and other forms you complete
  • Loan payment history, account balances, and other information about transactions you conduct with us, our affiliates, or others
  • Account information from other companies that you ask us to maintain online for you
  • Credit scores or credit history from credit reporting agencies and other information such as demographic information we receive from third parties
  • Information regarding your transactions with our institution, affiliates, or others

How collected information is used for your benefit

PeopleFirstBank uses this information to provide you with superior service and value. We believe that this can save you time because you’re not continually querying the bank or our affiliates with the same information. Using the information can also reduce the amount of unwanted mail you receive because we can send you only information that may truly interest you. And, possibly most important, because we become familiar with your preferred ways of doing business, it may even help us detect fraud committed against you. PeopleFirstBank uses the information collected about you only:

  • To protect your accounts with us from unauthorized access
  • To protect your information from unauthorized access
  • To provide services and products to you
  • In accordance with the principles of our privacy policy

Limiting information you receive from PeopleFirstBank

You can choose to limit the information PeopleFirstBank provides to you. If you elect to do this, it may mean that you will not receive PeopleFirstBank and other companies’ product information that you would find of interest. To request that this information be limited, call PeopleFirstBank toll-free at (815) 207-6200. Please be aware that it may take 6 to 8 weeks for us to make your request fully effective. If you have a joint account with someone else, we will treat your request not to share credit or application information by one account holder as applying only to that account holder unless the customer notifies us that he or she is acting on behalf of all account holders.

What information PeopleFirstBank shares with non-affiliated third parties

PeopleFirstBank does not sell or disclose nonpublic personal information about our existing or former customers to anyone or disclose that information to, anyone except as permitted by law. We do not provide customer account numbers to third parties for marketing purposes.

Other information sharing

As permitted by law, PeopleFirstBank may share information with non-affiliated third parties. Those may include sharing information:

  • With other financial institutions or selected credit reporting agencies
  • In conjunction with the sale of your account and related information to another financial institution
  • As required by other federal or state law, such as in responding to a subpoena and summons

Information about former customers

PeopleFirstBank does not disclose information about former customers, except as permitted by law.

Sharing information with companies that perform services for PeopleFirstBank

PeopleFirstBank may disclose all of the information it gathers, as outlined above, to companies that perform marketing or other services for us or to other financial institutions with which we have joint marketing agreements. PeopleFirstBank may also disclose information to companies we engage to provide product or services to you or to provide operational support. In such cases, these companies, by contract, keep your information confidential and may use your information only to perform the services for which PeopleFirstBank has engaged them.

Limiting information from other companies

Non-affiliated third parties may have access to information related to PeopleFirstBank customers that were obtained from other sources, such as through credit reporting agencies or public records. Solicitations based on this third-party information are not within control of PeopleFirstBank. As a consumer, if you wish to reduce the amount of national advertising you receive by mail from other companies, you may write to “Mail Preference Services, c/o Direct Marketing Association, P.O. Box 643, Carmel, NY 10512. Please include a check for $1 payable to “Mail Preference Service”. Or log on to www. You should include complete information about each name and address you want excluded from national advertising lists. If you have moved within the past year, it is advisable to also include your old address. If you would like to remove your name from calling lists, log on to the Federal Trade Commissions’ National Do Not Call Registry website at or call (888)382-1222. If you would like to be excluded from pre-approved credit solicitations, you can call (888)567-8688 to notify all of the credit reporting bureaus or log on to

If you suspect Identity Theft

If you’re concerned that someone has unauthorized access to your personal information, please call us immediately at (815)207-6200, so we can take steps to help protect you. You should also consider reporting your concerns to:

  • Your local law enforcement officials
  • The Federal Trade Commission Identity theft hotline at (877) ID-THEFT
  • The Social Security Administration fraud hotline at (800)259-0271
  • Your credit card companies. Remember, knowing where to find your credit card information and toll-free contact numbers will help in an emergency.
  • National credit reporting organizations that can place a fraud alert on your name and Social Security Number: Equifax (800)525-5285; Experian (888)397-3742; Trans Union: (800) 680-7289

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